DIY Embellished Mules

Summer is here and it is time to move those loafers over and make some room for one of the easiest styles of shoes to wear, you've guessed it, Mules! Over time, mules has become one of my favorite type of footwear to wear besides sneakers. I really don't wear sandals often because with most of my foot being exposed, it makes me uncomfortable when I come in contact with these dirty New York streets. Weird, I know, but at least with mules only part of my feet are exposed and typically, mules aren't as flat as most sandals.


Recently I bought a pair of Mules from Boohoo for $12. I must admit that this was an impulsive purchase because I seen that they were cute, I didn't really need them but THEY WERE ON SALE FOR $12! I just couldn't pass on them. They were originally a plaid black, white and pink houndstooth print that I thought would look great but when I received them, they seemed a bit plain. I tried to style them up and they did absolutely nothing for any of the looks that I tried on.

Here is when the light bulb went off. I thought to myself that maybe I could do something to bring theses shoes to life. One day, I went to Pacific Trimming for some hardware for a bag that I was inspired to make and came across some beaded buttons that were $5 each. Once I picked them up, I knew that they would be perfect for my shoes. When I got home and placed the buttons next to the shoes, I started to second guess adding these buttons to the show because I was worried that they wouldn't turn out the way that I had imagined. Once I began recording the DIY video, I started to love the buttons for the shoes.

Now that I've completed this project, I love these shoes even more. They are perfect for right now and are easier to style with a variety of outfits for both casual and work wear looks. In total, I spent $22 on these shoes and I'm glad that I bought them. I found that I really get excited about DIY projects because I like pushing myself to create and learn what I am capable of doing. Not only is it a challenge but it relaxes me. This project took all of 10 minutes to complete and I am satisfied with the outcome.


Do you have a pair of shoes that you like but cannot figure out how to style them? Try embellishing them a little!