Life, Growth & Perspective

Hey Guys!

I hope all is well.....

I've decided to take a different approach to The Reasonable Style. I want to give you more of me so I will start by posting personal blogs every month. You may ask, why now? I'll tell you why.

Over the past 3 years, I've been reading more self help books and personal stories of successful people. All of these books taught me lessons and put so many things into perspective. I am a relatively private person and maintain a certain level of mystic. For a long time, I believed that everyone wasn't deservant of knowing personal details of my life. I had this thought that the more that I shared, the more susceptible I was to being involved in gossip and drama aka energy that I don't like to align myself with. So to stay away from it all, I only let most people get to know me at surface level. This basically means that I don't really disclose certain information with people that I am not close to. I only share things that I don't mind if someone that I didn't share it with knowing because we all know that people share information about others in conversation, it's inevitable. 

Then I started thinking....what if people didn't share their stories in the form of music, books, movies, podcasts etc.? Would I put as much into perspective? Would I change my approach to certain things? Would I be working towards making my dreams a reality? Would I even be inspired? Probably not.

I've come to terms that sharing experiences and personal stories about my life can actually benefit others. Yes I enjoy shopping and getting good deals on my purchases but I also enjoy listening to music, going to concerts, reading books, visiting museums, traveling etc. There is more to me than just my love for fashion and I am going to share more of that with you.

As LIFE goes on, your way of thinking shifts which allows GROWTH and change of PERSPECTIVE.

I hope that this was insightful and that you've enjoyed reading!