Whisk Me Away In My LaLa Anthony Collection Whiskered Jeans

Early September LaLa Anthony announced that she would be launching her new collection in collaboration with Lord & Taylor. As a fan, I couldn't help but be excited about the new line. I've always admired LaLa's style and most of all her work ethic. There is nothing that she cannot do. From radio to television and everything in between, LaLa has shown us that you can definitely have what you want, you just have to work for it. When I read her book  The Power Playbook about 2 years ago, I was able to identify with her even more. She is all about her business and I can relate to that!


When I heard that she was launching her line at an event during NYFW at Lord & Taylor, I just knew that I had to be there. During the event, I browsed the collection, and bought the Mid-Rise Whiskered Jeans (Color: Vamp). I also had the opportunity to meet LaLa herself. She was very personable and we had a chance to talk a little about the line. I told her that I bought a pair of jeans and that I was optimistic about the fit. She in turn said "When you wear them, tag me and let me know what you think." I said "Oh I will" and then we took this picture.


At first I was surprised that she asked for feedback, but then I thought again, it's LaLa, of course she cares. She takes pride in everything that she does and seemed sincere when she said it. I believe that the feedback will be helpful for her to expand and have longevity with the collection. When catering to women of all sizes (size 0-24), it is important to know what works and what doesn't work for your customers.

I am a woman of my word so here is my review on the jeans that I bought (I hope this reaches her). I recently wore the jeans and love them. They have the right amount of stretch in the right places. I like to think that my body is proportioned well and these jeans complimented my waist, hips and rear end well. I purchased size 6 so they fit true to size and guess what, I didn't even have to wear a belt! The wash of the jeans are good. I was happy to see that there is no crocking which allowed me to pair these with a light top and jacket without fail. The hem is also cool because it is staggered with a little high low and slight fraying along the edge. I wish that these were offered in a longer length because I like to wear my jeans a little longer.

All in all I like these jeans and will be adding them to my black jean rotation. I think that they were priced well at $78 and since they are sold at Lord & Taylor, a department store, you should be able to purchase them at a discount whenever there is a sale going on. I made sure that I wrote this post the week before Black Friday so that you will have the opportunity to do so. If you want a good fitting pair of jeans, I recommend that you try a pair from the LaLa Anthony Collection.

Check out how I styled my jeans and let me know what you think!



Jeans are paired with:

Zara Turtleneck, Faux Fur Calvin Klein Coat (purchased at a Sample Sale for $15 get SIMILAR) & Who What Wear Keisa Patent Zip Front Booties ($44.99)