CreatIvity lives in Inspiration


Inspiration lives around us all, at least for me for me it does. I am easily inspired and always have been since I could remember. From television to art, magazines or even walking down the block, especially when I lived in Brooklyn, inspiration was something that always was around for me. My mind is filled with a plethora of ideas and once I come across something that is reminiscent of the idea I have, a light bulb goes off.

Being someone who is creative and enjoys sharing my creations with others, it is important for me to remain inspired. There are times when I have creative blocks due to certain circumstances however, when that happens I come up with ways to get back to a space to spark some ideas. Music is one of my biggest inspirations especially songs that tell stories or evokes some type of feeling, you know the music that gives off a positive type of vibe. In addition to that, I read books and enjoy nature. I am good for sitting outside near a good view and listen to music or read a book or people watch. When I worked in Dumbo Brooklyn, in the summer time, I used go sit outside between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges by the water, alone, and just read, eat and listen to music while taking glances at Manhattan which was literally across the Hudson River. After taking that time, I always left feeling inspired to do something whether it was designing, writing a blog post, wearing a particular outfit, pretty much anything.

Moving into a new place, I felt that it was important for me to create a space for me to keep the inspiration flowing. I want my apartment to feel good and remain a source of inspiration. Because I live in a studio apartment and everything is pretty much in one big room, my plan is to create little functional sections that inspires me and encourages good feelings. The 1st space that I decided to focus on besides my sitting area is my little fashion corner. This space is where I decided to put my mirror and created a collage of images that inspires my style. I knew I wanted a full length mirror but with me having limited space, I had to hang the mirrors on the wall. I didn’t want the walls to be bare so I had the idea to make a collage of fashion images that inspire me and my style and I can honestly say that I love it! Getting dressed is definitely different now that I’ve created this little space.

I believe that everyone should have a space like this in their home. Creating a space that makes you feel good and inspires you definitely produces better you for the world. Don’t be selfish, take care of you and create the space that inspires you. I encourage you all to try it.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.

-Brian Tracy

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading!