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Take Some Time To Reflect

Take Some Time To Reflect

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Have you ever been so wrapped up in trying to attain something that you forget to take a look around and notice how far you’ve come? Like most, I am definitely guilty of this. I am never really content with my life at any given time. I am always working toward achieving something. I guess I was born driven, determined, ambitious, tenacious etc. which are all great qualities to have, however, it can get in the way when it is in over drive. I thank God every single day for all of my blessings but I must admit, I haven’t really been detailed in my thanks to him, kind of like a blanket thank you if you know what I mean.

I forgot what I was watching but I remember hearing the person saying that we are often times so wrapped up in trying to chase something that we sometimes lose sight of how far we’ve come and don’t really self reflect. I am paraphrasing but when the person said it, my mind went into a state of reflecting and I realized all of the things that I’ve achieved and started to smile. Although I may not have all that I thought that I would have by now, I am proud to have all that I have and am excited/ look forward to what is to come.


I thought back to my college years when I thought that I wanted to be an accountant and entrepreneur. That quickly changed when I discovered the fashion department at my school. I joined the organization, took the classes, learned how to sew and when junior year came, I changed my mind and said that I was going to pursue a career in fashion. I graduated with my degree in accounting, returned back home to NY, did the Manager In Training program at a retail company and went back to school and got another degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. While continuing my studies, I took an opportunity to freelance, learn about the various roles within the industry like buying, merchandising, allocation/planning and product development/ production. For the past several years, I’ve managed to continue on the career path in the product development/ production sector and it has been an amazing ride. I’ve learned a lot and it only solidifies my love for the industry even more. Not to mention, it made me a much smarter consumer because I do not shop like your average consumer as I am well aware about the cost of a garment seeing as though I am in the seat of the person who negotiates with the factory to get the best price for a style that best suit’s the company’s profit margin. This is the main reason why I do not purchase much at full price because I know the actual price of things and also know that most companies (or at least the ones that I’ve worked for) plan to eventually mark an item down after 6 weeks on the selling floor meaning that items will eventually go on sale. I can go on with the things that I’ve learned by working in the industry and until taking that moment to reflect, I have not taken inventory and realized what I have gained from my experiences.

Not to mention at 24 years old, I became part owner of an accessories brand Chic By Choice (yes I am an entrepreneur ) which I am super proud of. I literally did the things that I said that I would do when I was in college. Don’t get me wrong, I can admit to letting life get in the way of getting the business to where we intend it to be, it is still an accomplishment. As time goes on, it gets harder and harder with keeping up with our customers, constant change in society and personal changes among us both. But hey, that comes with being an entrepreneur. Successful businesses aren’t built overnight, and that is for sure.

I finally made it to LA! I always used to tell people that I wanted to move to LA. The responses that I used to get was the body language of “yeah right” in my opinion, I used to be like “watch”. On my 25th birthday I visited for the first time and had the time of my life. I knew that I belonged here and continued to tell people that I was going to move here. I don’t think many people believed me but when I say I’m going to do something, better believe me when I say it, it is going to happen. It may not be today or tomorrow but it will get done. I strive to be a woman of my word because at the end of the day, your reputation and character will get you far in this world. It is really all you have so treat it with dignity.


It took me a long time to get to this point where I can sit here and say wow I really did that and that, oh and that too. I am filled with so much joy and appreciation, I don’t even think that I have the right words to express it the right way. I started to implement new practices in my daily routine to make sure that I express it more often than not. I’m not saying that I’ve been walking around not being thankful, it just hasn’t been many times that I didn’t rebut all of my achievements with a thought or gesture that redirects the focus onto something that hasn’t happened for me yet. Instead of looking at the glass as half full, I was looking at it as half empty. This way off thinking has definitely changed especially with the more reading and knowledge seeking that I do. I hope that if you’re reading this, you take the time to self reflect. I promise you, you will feel way better afterward.

As always, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading!



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