Read Between The Lines | It's All About Alignment

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How many of you work so hard at something and are still waiting on the outcome that you imagined having? If you’re an ambitious and passionate individual then you’ve definitely had this experience. Like many, I am going through this and have been going through this for years. When I was younger I used to get frustrated because I had the thought that if I put in this amount of work then I should have receive whatever I am working toward the way that I imagine it. I later learned that this is not always the case. The more you read, experience and even tap into your spirituality, you’ll learn that a lot of your outcomes are based on alignment.

Alignment, how do you properly define this and apply it to your life? It is as simple as the Merriam-Webster definition:

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It is almost like preparation. While you are working toward a goal, a series of events are happening. As these events are happening, you’re hoping that your goal is approaching but it doesn’t pan out the way you intended. Some people give up , while some keep doing the same things that they’ve been doing and there are others who keep trying but make some adjustments to the plan along the way. Those series of events are what I think of to be the pieces to put you in alignment with whatever you are working towards.

For example, you are on the market for a new job and you apply for jobs day in and day out. You get the interviews but are not getting the job offers. You are trying to figure out why, right? My answer to this is simple, alignment. The roles that you are interviewing for are preparing you for the interview that will land you in the role that you are supposed to have. Don’t read this and think “ oh, she’s just saying this because it seems like the right thing to say”. No, I am telling you this because I know firsthand how this could be. In 2016, I applied to 164 positions, went on interviews for about about 30% of those and didn’t get hired until March of 2017. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the jobs but I didn’t give up. On each interview that I went on, I learned something and applied what I learned on the next interview. In addition, I read multiple blogs about job hunting, interviewing processes and even following up tips and literally put everything into practice in real time. Sure it was frustrating at times especially when I knew that I did well but I learned that timing is key, the aligning was happening but I was not aware that it was.

When you’re working toward something, I do believe the best way to get it is to keep working at it and make adjustments along the way. In due time, you will get whatever you desire. It may not happen how or when YOU want it to happen but if you work, believe and have faith, it eventually will. These things together are a powerful force and as long as you grasp this understanding, your aligning process will get that much easier.

Granted, I may not have accomplished everything that I set out for myself but, I understand that I am being aligned with something greater, beyond my imagination and I cannot wait to experience it.

“When you are in alignment with the desire of your heart, things have a way of working out.”

-Iyanla Vanzant