5 Ways To Wear A $5 Silk Scarf

Spring is here and the weather is definitely fluctuating here in NYC. One day it’ll be 80 degrees and the next 65 degrees. The weather is so unpredictable that I don’t even know what to wear anymore in terms of outfits and accessories. One accessory that can be worn during this unpredictable weather is a silk scarf.

I know that some of you are thinking "why would I wear a silk scarf (or any scarf for that matter) during this time of year?" In my opinion it is one of the few accessories that can be a statement piece for your outfit and can be transformed into many different accessories. I typically wear my silk scarf at night on my head and from time to time wear it as another form of accessory. 

Recently I bought a silk scarf from the Beauty Supply Store for $5.  I was attracted to this particular scarf because of the size and print. Once I picked it up, my mind began to wonder about the different ways that I can utilize this as an accessory. Here are 5 ways that are the most practical for me.


Wearing a silk scarf as a necktie is one of the most popular ways to wear it. My mom has been wearing silk scarves for as long as I can remember. She wears them everyday to work as her main accessory and ties it differently each time. The way she ties it is determined by the scarf size as well as the silhouette of her shirt. As you can tell, she takes her scarves seriously, she has it down to a science. The scarf that I purchased was a large square so I decided to do a simple bow tie to the side. I am sure that I made my mama proud with this one!

2. The Bracelet

How many of you needed a bracelet to complete your look but didn't have the perfect one to bring it all together? I can tell you that for me, it has been MANY times. Bracelets aren't typically the "go to" accessory when you think of making a statement with your outfit. However, if it is worn the right way, it can give a simple outfit a little boost, especially when it is a scarf. Having a scarf tied around your wrist automatically attracts the eye because it covers so much of the first half of your forearm. If the print is interesting enough and paired with other little trinkets, one simple outfit can turn cool in a flash.


Belts aren’t the accessory that I think about when putting an outfit together. I have my 2 leather belts that I typically go to on a daily basis, one black and one brown. They are always worn to be functional and not necessarily as a style piece. From time to time I wear them as non functional piece if the outfit requires it. The jeans that I chose to pair this scarf with fit me really well so I am to wear the scarf as a belt with no problem. Here I just looped the scarf tgrough the belt hoops and tied a knot at the front.


Just like a bracelet, an anklet is a hidden gem when it comes to accessorizing an outfit. I particularly like to pair anklets with heels. It adds a little jazz to the bottom half of your outfit. Often times we rely on our bottoms and shoes to do the work in this area and in some cases, these aren't enough. The silk scarf as an anklet offers something different and interesting.


You can never go wrong with a bandeau top. As of recently, bandeaus, halter tops and tube tops have become an all year round top by styling it over another top (t-shirt, blouse, etc.). With a scarf, you are able to accomplish the same look depending on the size of the scarf. Since this scarf is pretty long, I decided to tie it as a bandeau over my t-shirt. Whenever it gets warmer I can try it wearing it alone.


You never realize how many ways you can wear one item until you actually think about it. If you ask most people, they will associate a silk scarf with wearing as a head accessory or necktie. I’ve just shown you 5 different ways to wear yours. I am certain that there are other ways that it can be worn but here are the ways that I would personally wear them. How do you wear your silk scarf?