Trail Blazin' Through The Fall In My Favorite Thrifted Blazers

Fall is finally here and I had my little blazers in the cut, fresh from the cleaners waiting to be worn. Granted, I’m not the biggest fan of this time of year because I like just going outside in my outfit without having to think about how I am going to keep warm. However, I was excited that I could finally put my recently purchased blazers to use.

During the Spring, I’ve developed some admiration for blazers. I own a couple and have worn them in the past but never really obsessed over them or anything like I do now. I guess seeing them styled on the runways and in magazines inspired me to purchase more. So whenever I went thrifting during the Spring and Summer, I went straight to the blazer section to see what they had. Each time that searched, I found at least one that I liked and I now have four thrifted blazers that I can rock all season long. Reasonable finds they were, three blazers were $6.99 and one was $3.99! Yes you’ve read right, I spent less than $30 on 4 blazers.

Each blazer is unique and fit different so they all inspired a similar but different look. I have the ability to easily dress it up or dress it down. If you know me personally, or have been following me for a while then you know that my go to looks are ones that incorporate sneakers. I prefer comfort over anything so I will always find a way to pair sneakers with an outfit. Of the four blazers, I decided to pair one with a pair of my favorite booties, only because it is fall.

Autumn Houndstooth

Photo Oct 14, 10 20 09 AM.jpg

Am I the only person who still likes houndstooth print? I do not wear it much but whenever I see it on apparel of a silhouette that I like, I make sure that I add it to my wardrobe without hesitation. With that being said, you can only imagine my reaction to this blazer when I came across it on the rack. It is not my size, it is actually a size 10 but I really liked it. I tried it on and thought, hmm I can make this work, especially for $6.99. It is oversized and has a boyfriend vibe to it. When styling it, I thought I should play on that “boyfriend” fit vibe and pair it with a hoodie (Uniqlo Similar), boyfriend jeans (Rag & Bone Similar) and some Stan Smith Adidas. It definitely came together well and I plan on experimenting with this blazer a little more.

The Perfect Houndstooth

Photo Oct 14, 12 38 24 PM.jpg

I just told you about my love for the houndstooth print so you know when I seen this one, I fell in love instantly. I call this blazer “The Perfect Houndstooth” because it is in the oh so popular black and white houndstooth print that you see everywhere. It’s color alone makes it easy to transition with your wardrobe throughout each season. When styling this blazer, I let the blazer do all of the work and kept the all other pieces minimal. Here, I decided to pair the blazer with a sheer black top, faux leather pants a waist belt and my Nike Cortez. I turned this $3.99 blazer into an affordable fashionable look just by keeping it simple.

Double Breasted

Photo Oct 14, 11 48 00 AM.jpg

When I spotted this double breasted blazer, I instantly labeled it as a must have item. It checked all of the boxes that I had on my list for blazer shopping. Solid color (CHECK), stylish (CHECK), great fit (CHECK), $6.99 (CHECK) and oh did I mention it was Ralph Lauren (DOUBLE CHECK). I could not pass this blazer up. The shoulder pads gives this a strong, sophisticated feeling so I decided to pair it with a graphic mesh top, thrifted Levis jeans that I call my “Mom Jeans” and my favorite floral printed booties. This look was fun for me because I turn a piece that can be interpreted as serious into something fun and relaxed.

Neutral Glen Plaid

Photo Oct 14, 1 15 36 PM.jpg

Glen Plaids are always a thing in the Fall. I found this petite fit blazer, liked it but had to juggle whether or not it I should get it. My thoughts were, well it is on the verge of looking too small but I kind of like it. I typically don’t make being indecisive a thing so I said oh well it’s only $6.99, if I change my mind, I’ll just sell it. Once I got it home, I was happy that I did get it. Because this blazer was so fitted, it is really easy to dress it up so I challenged myself to pull off a dressed down look. I kept it simple and paired it with a hoodie, black jeans and my Shadow Jordan 1s. I must say that after wearing it, of the 4 looks that I put together, this is probably my second fave look.

Which Blazer is your favorite? Will you be adding some blazers to your wardrobe this season?

As always, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading!