Spend & Earn At The Same Time!

As we know, I love shopping and earning cash back after my purchases makes me enjoy it even more. I know you're probably thinking how is that possible. I'll tell you how, one word, Ebates. Ebates is a cash back shopping site that offers cash back and coupons for various retailers.

Here is how it works.

1. Shop your retailers through the Ebates website. Visit ebates.com, search the retailer that you want to shop, click on the link that directs you to the site.

2. Make a purchase and earn your cash back.

3. Every quarter of the year, receive your "Big Fat Check" via physical check or PayPal.

You can also use Ebates in store through the mobile app, where you would link your card that will be used to make the purchase in the store to your Ebates account. Before you make the transaction, you will need to go through the app to "Link Offer" and start earning your cash back with that option.

I've been signed up to Ebates for years now but it wasn't until last year that I started taking advantage of it more so now than ever. Because I am an online shopper, it is beneficial for me because I can spend and save at the same time. 

Sign up today and get $10 cash back! I promise you will not be disappointed.