My New Fave Boots

Fall is here and I've been looking for the perfect everyday boot. Something that is easy to wear, pair with just about anything and most of all comfortable. One day about 2 months ago, I came across these cute ankle boots from Zara (High Heel Pointed Ankle Boots). I originally bought them in grey for $39.90 and at the time, they did not have my size in the black so I was cool with just having the grey. One day recently, I was browsing the Zara website and clicked on the
"Special Prices" category (because y'all know I'm always looking for a sale) and seen that they had the same boots for $22.99! If you know me, you know that I was hype. They had my size and my mom compliments me every time that I wear them so I bought her a pair too. You cannot beat this price at all.

I do want to put this disclaimer out there that if you plan on having these boots for a long time then you must switch up. If you wear them everyday or frequently they may just last you to the end of the season. I'm cool with it as my expectations for Zara products isn't high as I understand fully how fast fashion works. If you don't mind this then I say get you a pair.