Leather Jackets & Fedoras: The Perfect Combination With Nnamdi

Nothing screams perfect combination like Leather Jackets and Fedoras. The two pieces compliment each other so well that no matter which style direction you want to go, these pieces portray the look that you are going for perfectly. Take Nnamdi's outfit for instance, when I see this look, I see smooth and edgy at the same time. The smoothness comes from the fedora, pairing colors like black, brown, bronze and tan together and his pants which are cords. One with a great sense of style will know how to pair these tonal colors together which Nnamdi did oh so well. The edgy categorization would derive from the leather jacket itself having a moto silhouette.

Based on my analysis of this outfit, smooth and edgy are a pretty good match up in my opinion. Great job Nnamdi!

Want to be smooth and edgy like Nnamdi, get outfit deets below:

Fedora: Urban Outfitter

Jacket & Pants: H&M

T-Shirt: American Eagle

Boots: Guess


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