The Classic Canadian Tuxedo With Bella Estraneo

You can never go wrong with denim on denim or the Canadian Tuxedo as most will say. Fashion Blogger Bella Estraneo described this look as being classic and I totally agree. Initially denim was associated with workwear when Levis Strauss began making them way back when for the miners during the late 1800s (quick history note for those who may not have known).

My oh my have things changed over the years, now denim is more fashionable than ever. It is comfy and most of all versatile as you can choose to dress it up or down or even in between as Bella has done with this outfit. Her styling of a denim shirt, with denim bottoms, a denim dress worn as a top coat, pumps and accessories shows the versatility that I am talking about. You wouldn't believe how reasonable this look is, get outfit details below.

Outfit Deets

Jacket: Thrifted Dress Worn as a Jacket

Pants: Ross

Shirt: Thrifted

Hat: Thrifted

Necklace: Thrifted and ebay "Happy Necklace"


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